Who we are

Perfumes 4U is a family-owned and operated perfume retail company that has been in business since 2001. We have been working hard to offer high-end products to our valued customers both domestically and internationally. We carry authentic perfumes from designers, exclusive perfumes, private labels, and hard-to-find perfumes, colognes and related gifts for men, women, and children that cannot be found locally. Perfumes 4U strives to be elegant, persistent, bold, knowledgeable, and multilingual to offer the best perfumes and customer service to our valuable clientele, which we believe sets us apart from the competition. Also, Perfumes4U identifies each perfume with color-coded tabs, origin, and ingredients to be transparent and honest about the perfumes and products we offer.img-6422.jpg

We use these measures to provide an excellent and lasting impression on our customers. We have a firm belief that if we provide our customers with excellent customer service and high-quality products, customers will keep coming back. Perfumes 4U is proud to have a diverse background in fragrance knowledgeable, bilingual or trilingual, and customer-service oriented associates on our team. Our stores are designed with a striking black and white color scheme, marble floors, exquisite paintings, and finished ceilings to create a look that is elegant, luxurious and timeless.‍Our stores are designed to be exclusive, so our customers feel appreciated and can indulge themselves with exquisite fragrances. 

For Perfumes 4U

“Perfumes are a subtle touch of elegance that lingers in the memory of whoever smells it.”