Our newest blog here is one that was recommended to me. It’s a fascinating concept that promotes innovative realization. In other words, it changes the way one thinks and observes this particular item. Its focus is on the objective intent rather than the physical purpose. It is called the Art of Scent.

Instead of thinking about how the scent of fragrance smells, the thought process is the explanation of the fragrance in the form of artistic creation.

The mastermind of the “art” is a renowned perfume critic, Chandler Burr. Burr is an author, a former columnist at the New York Times, and also a museum curator.

His current role as a museum curator is being displayed right now in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Just as he performed exhibits in Barcelona, Spain and New York City, New York, USA, he has brought his acclaimed presentation to the Middle East.

Taken from an interview with Gulf News, Burr said, “Making scent an art and understanding the scent materials are a major art medium. Scent is a very clear art medium. It’s a medium that has aesthetics and design structure; it demands of the artist exactly the same thing that the other mediums of art [do] such as painting, music, and writing.”

Indeed a unique way of realizing the expression of perfumes, Burr has found another way for people to appreciate fragrances and the fragrance industry. The event in Dubai runs thru July 12th, but you can also purchase the perfumes in vials from his website.

By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant


Image Courtesy of Albawaba Business


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