The season of Spring has come upon us! Now that we have adjusted our time ahead, we are encouraged by more daylight, budding trees, blooming flowers, hibernating animals that have awakened, warmer sunlight, and a fresh feeling of a new beginning.

Psychologically, it’s a time that we may reflect on ourselves to make positive changes in our attitudes, our career, our relationships, or even our fashion.

In fragrance, it’s time to push all those deeper, winter fragrances to the back of your tray and bring the lighter, spring scents back up front. Remembering our January 8th blog, most perfumes/colognes are seasonal. Scents that are primarily oriental, woody, and spicy may be too strong during the warmth of spring and summer. In contrast, fresh, floral, fruits, and citruses are quite pleasant during this time.

The biggest mistake people make is wearing the same fragrance all year without any complimentary scents. One should have a collection of at least three different perfumes/colognes for each season. May I recommend, there needs to be every day, the change of pace, and the going out fragrances. By alternating your scents—not just seasonally, but also within the season—you allow yourself to be fresh and positively pleased…and therefore enjoy the newness.

Ladies: bring out your

Men: be confident in spring with:

So, spring up (not spice up!) your fragrance to match the season of warmth, sun, and blue skies. Awake from your winter hibernation. You will appreciate the refreshing—and not the heavy, deep, and dark—scent to go along with your spring positivity.


By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant


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