CEO | President

Ron Friedman graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Accounting. He then began his career with KPMG as a Certified Public Accountant. While with KPMG, Ron attended the University Of Miami School Of Law for 4 years in the night program. 

After 10 years with KPMG and has been a Senior Manager, Ron left to join Perfumania as its Chief Financial Officer. Ron was responsible for taking Perfumania public and later assumed the additional role of Chief Operating Officer. Perfumania had 73 stores at the time Ron joined and 250 stores when Ron left. After 8 years with Perfumania, Ron left to open his own perfume stores.

Ron is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Perfumes 4U and as such Ron sets the strategic goals of the company and supervises his Vice Presidents. Also, Ron is directly responsible for purchasing the companyโ€™s inventory, setting prices, and real estate opportunities. 

Ron is also intimately involved in product development which is his newly found passion.

Ron is the proud father of two amazing and successful kids who live in New York and Georgia. Ron is also the proud father of Dolce, Prada and Gucci, his 3 Shitzus who go to work every time he does.

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