Pledge the Allegiance to the Flag and Get Rewarded at Perfumes 4U

Perfumes 4U – A retail company – is promoting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag this July 4th at Perfumes 4U, Gifts & Perfumes 4U, and Parfum Europa stores. Shoppers that pledge the allegiance to the Flag on July 4th and July 5th at any of our stores will receive 5% off on their entire purchase on top of the BOGO: Buy One Get One up to 75% off. This is our way to commemorate Independence Day by promoting the pledge to our Flag.

Pledge the Allegiance to the Flag and Get Rewarded at Perfumes 4U

Pledge the Allegiance to the Flag and Get Rewarded at Perfumes 4U

Independence day is the perfect day to celebrate and promote one of the most important symbols of our independence. “The Allegiance to the Flag is a symbol of patriotism and devotion to this beautiful country The United States, and here at Perfumes 4U we will honor this day by rewarding those customers who know the pledge,” says Ron Friedman, President, and CEO for Perfumes 4U. “Our customers will receive an extra 5% off on their entire purchase after they pledge the allegiance to the Flag, this is an event that we have been doing for three years, and it has been successful and well-received among our shoppers.”

This event is conceived because it is essential to celebrate patriotism and independence in our stores and to elevate the spirit of celebration. Perfumes 4U has been hosting this event for three years, and it will continue doing it for more years. To receive the offer check any of the stores as certain exclusions apply.

About Perfumes 4U:

Perfumes 4U is a Miami, Florida based retail company that provides authentic perfumes from designers, exclusive perfumes, private labels, hard-to-find perfumes, colognes, and related gifts for men, women, and children that cannot be found locally. Since 2011, Perfumes 4U has consistently provided perfumes that are from private collections, unique, made in France, and it has 24% oil fragrance concentration, which results in the aroma staying on much longer than other fragrances.

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If you would like more information about this topic or schedule an interview with President Ron Friedman, please call Hilda Rodriguez at 954.210.7828, or email marketing@perfumes4u.net.


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