Perfumes 4U Celebrates The Opening Of Its 45th Stores At North Bend Premium Outlets.

On December 6, 2017, Perfumes 4U a perfume retail company specializing in the sale of genuine designer fragrances and related gifts for men, women, and children announced that they will open its 45 stores in North Bend Premium Outlets. After founding the company in 2001, Perfumes4U has been expanding in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico by offering the most comprehensive assortment of perfumes and colognes, available at various price points, and also carries hard-to-find and rare fragrances not found locally.

Of the company’s store opening, Perfumes4U President Ron Friedman said, “Opening our 45th store at North Bend has been one of my greatest accomplishments since our inception in 2001. We have been offering high-end products to our loyal and valuable customers. I could not be more jubilant to have reached this goal. Who knows, next year, Perfumes4U will be opening its 100th store.”

To gain this expansion Perfumes4U has been consistent to provide the public with excellent customer service, by identifying each perfume with color-coded tabs, origin, and ingredients. The stores also cater to local tastes, and its signage appears in different languages. Also, not only Perfumes 4U offer lower prices than traditional department stores, but also Perfumes4U has a strong social media presence to educate followers about perfumes and to promote our offers and promotions.

About Perfumes 4U:

Perfumes 4U is a Miami, Florida based retail company that provides authentic perfumes from designers, exclusive perfumes, private labels, hard-to-find perfumes, colognes, and related gifts for men, women, and children that cannot be found locally. Since 2011, Perfumes 4U has consistently provided perfumes that are from private collections, unique, made in France, and it has 24% oil fragrance concentration, which results in the aroma staying on much longer than other fragrances.

For more information about Perfumes 4U, please visit http://www.perfumes4u.com.


If you would like more information about this topic or schedule an interview with President Ron Friedman, please call Hilda Rodriguez at 954.210.7828, or email marketing@perfumes4u.net.


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