Thirteen. Aka, “13”. If you’re superstitious, 13 can be a stop-and-make-you-think-number. It could be negative, such as “Friday the 13th.” However, if you are a bit less skeptical, and even more so, positive, 13 can be a lucky digit…as in a baker’s dozen where the 13th donut is given free. This blog is about where, when, and how to apply perfumes.

Well, this is blog #13 for our Perfumes 4 U series. I am going with the positive feeling. Each blog has been overwhelmingly rewarding. As the blog’s exclusive writer, I can tell you I have been able to find another talent that I didn’t experience before. I love the research, creativity, and articulation performed while expressing its content.

As for our readers, I can say I am humbled to learn of your appreciation of these blogs; you have been so kind in your words. You have also come into our stores and been motivated to try some of the perfumes and colognes that we have reviewed and suggested. Furthermore, for those of you that have purchased those exact fragrances, I hope you love them!

Many customers come into our stores and inquire about where, when, and how to apply perfumes. In fact, more than I would expect. The feedback is he or she wants to get the best performance from his cologne or her perfume.

Where to Apply Perfumes?

The Where is the most important is my informed opinion. I suggest it be applied directly onto your skin. Concentrate on three body parts to be most effective. Along with your wrists because we often use our hands to our face and mouth. Each time we do that, we will be drawn to the scent. Also, in your inner elbow area; this is a pulse point (a warmer part of our anatomy) that interacts and accentuates the fragrance notes.

Finally, spray a generous amount along your neckline. Each time you are hugged and embraced, your wife, husband, friend, etc. will be intrigued by it . . . And it’s so close to your own nose, you will appreciate it throughout the day.

When to Apply Perfumes?

After the shower, just before we walk out the door, or maybe after we’re dressed. When should we apply the cologne or perfume? My best recommendation is after you have moisturized your skin with a lotion immediately following your morning shower. The steam from the shower is great because it opens your pores and makes the lotion absorb into your skin. Then, the fragrance will adhere to the lotion. Some of us also do another quick spritz after we’re dressed just to have been on our shirt, sweater, or blazer.

How to Apply Perfumes?

As for the How it depends on the person and what he or she may be doing that day. If you’re going to an important business meeting in the small conference room, you may want to have a little less attention. Spray a mist in the air and walk through it. The fragrance will be distributed over your entire body in a much larger area and less concentrated. However, if you are going on a night out downtown and you want to be noticed, spray it directly and, again, generously.

Take these tips of where, when, and how to apply perfumes and try them. If they help with your appreciation of your cologne or perfume, you will be in a great mood that day and every day!

Wanting more expert tips about fragrances? Keep checking our blogs.

Wanting more expert customer service when shopping for fragrances? Come to any of our store’s Perfumes 4U. You might walk out with a whole new collection.

Sorry, though, if you buy 12, there is no free 13th. Honestly, you might as well buy 14, since we have BOGO (Buy One, Get One) up to 75% off!

By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant


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