Nury Rodriguez
Inventory Control & Loss Prevention Manager

As the Inventory Control & Loss Prevention Manager, Nurialys Rodriguez is responsible for the inventory of the 55 stores for Perfumes 4U. In this capacity she is responsible for the inventory and loss prevention which that includes several responsibilities: for the 55 stores, she must make sure of the safeguarding of every store, verify proper functioning of physical security systems, such as alarms, door sensor/ tag systems, functioning of locks and many other components of the position.

Before working for Perfumes 4U, Nurialys was a Human Resource Manager for a nonprofit organization at the same time she was an individual procuring her education in business management. She works for the Center for Independent Living for over 23 years she started there at a very young age and move up the ladder every year to obtain the position of Human Resource Director and Interpreting Services Coordinator.

Nurialys came from Cuba at the age of six and has fulfilled her dreams of motherhood, educator and she considers herself an individual with many talents. She is fluent in three languages Spanish, English, and ASL (American Sign Language).

Nurialys is an individual that is self-motivated, a leader but also likes to work in a team, which makes her a team player. She is a person that finds the positive things in her job never the negative things and that makes her become successful.

She is a single parent of three kids Jhan, Yemelys, and Marecelo which she is very proud of and that never stopped her to achieve every goal she had set her mind to.