Hello Everyone! Welcome to our blog!! My name is Tamara, and I have been with the company for about three months now, and let me tell you, I have learned so much about the differences in perfume that I never even knew existed!

Which makes me think that maybe other people in the world do not know the differences either! So my goal here is to help everyone learn and understand because I want you all to be happy with what you have! So let’s get started!

Now if anyone knows me, they know that I love to smell good. Who doesn’t right? But with so many options to chose from, which are the better ones? Well never fear, I’m here to help!

So let’s get started with one of the misconceptions in the perfume industry.

Misconception 1

It’s from a particular designer, so it has to smell good and last. Honestly, when you first spray most of the products out there, depending on what type of scent you like, they’re going to smell good.

The part that changes things up a bit is how long is it actually going to last! So we have EDT’s and EDP’s. Now EDT’s (Eau de Toilette’s) are alcohol based, meaning they don’t have as much of a scent life when you spray them on yourself, and you tend to need more sprayed on you to make it smell strong.

The route you’d rather go, and one I highly recommend, is the EDP (Eau de Parfum) route. These are oil based which means they are going to last longer on your skin than the alcohol ones would. Plus, you also won’t go through as much because you won’t need as much sprayed on you. You can always know which category the ones you’re interested in fall under just by looking at the box.

It’ll say it right at the bottom. Even for the people who have their go-to scents already and are curious as to which one they have, take a look at the back or the bottom of the bottle. It’s there too!

Misconception 2

Another misconception that is out there is the more expensive it is, the better quality it is. Truth be told, there are some cases where you’re paying an arm and a leg for the name on the bottle. So my recommendation to this is to be more open-minded!

Misconception about perfumes

Some designers might surprise you, and potentially have even better quality and not hurt the checkbook as much.

Misconception 3

perfumes, smelling perfumes, Misconception about perfumes

I also get asked if rubbing the perfume it will hurt the quality of it. Yes! If you want your perfume’s scent to last; you should not rub your wrists after spraying your favorite perfume. When you rub your wrists the head notes will disappear faster; then your fragrance will not last.

Misconception 4

Misconception about perfumes

It is also true that everything smells different on other people. So don’t get discouraged if that particular scent that the cashier at the grocery store had on smelled amazing on them but then when you tried it out, it wasn’t the same. That’s completely normal! We all have a different body chemistry that changes how things smell on each other.

So now that we’ve talked about a few different topics in the perfume world, my homework for you all is to go out there and open your minds, and noses, to new things! Remember, the name might not be crazy well known, or it might not be the exact one the cashier had on, but it might have a fantastic quality to it and could be your perfect match!

By Tamara Gioannini

Tamara Gioannini is a Keyholder at Perfumes 4U located at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara. She is an expert Fragrance consultant  and welcomes you to come and visit us so we can help you find the perfect perfume for you


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