Perfume or ‘Parfum’ has been around since Ancient Egypt. Both men and women would embellish themselves in extracts of lily and sandalwood which represented their status. Persians used perfume as a political statement, until Greeks and Romans began to perceive these pleasing and erotic smells as an art form, which resulting to the first mass production of high quality perfumes.

Scents such as lavender, myrtle and rosemary date back from 2,000 B.C.  to a perfume factory in ancient Cyrus. Over the course of many centuries, perfumes have been used solely for religious ceremonies, before mass production began at the turn of the 10th century in Paris.

In today’s modern society, you can choose from thousands of scents to adorn your body. Who doesn’t love smelling good?  But to most unknown, there is a lot more to wearing your favorite brand or label then just the ‘spritz n’ rub’. You know that guilty tendency to spraying your wrists the rubbing together?

“Very bad”,  states award-winning French-Armenian perfumer Franics Kurkdjian, master nose behind Christian Dior Eau Noire. Today, perfume has become and art or craft in the way people use and wear their signature scents. However, there are a few mistakes that can cost us money and time – making our perfumes less effective.

1. Shaking it before you use it

Thanks to an urban legend, for decades people believed they had to mix the perfumes ingredients before using the bottle. Not only do you risk the  $150 Chanel bottle slipping from your hands and smashing on the floor, mixing it with air affects the chemical composition. Just don’t do it. 

2. Keeping perfume in the bathroom

Just like blue cheese in the fridge or potatoes in your pantry, perfume is a living organism with sensitivity issues. Imagine walking into a freezer after spending hours in direct sunlight and heat. Though it may sound wonderful (especially on +100 degree temperature days), but your nervous system says otherwise. Perfume is not a fan of temperature shifts, like your bathroom vanity or countertop after a morning shower. Not only does this cause chemical reactions, it can affect the freshness throwing the smell a little off.  No more pretty setups in the shower, ladies and gentleman. Instead, treat you perfume bottles like you would for a great bottle of wine – keep them in the refrigerator or at least a constant room temperature of 70 degrees.

3. Applying perfume to the wrong area

Never spray perfume on your clothes. Not only are you damaging the fabrics in your favorite blouse and button-down shirt, you losing the most important part – the aroma! Your body heat is the activator for the different notes each scent carries. Areas where your veins are closer to the skin – wrists, neck, behind you ear and knees, even your heart, give long lasting and pleasurable effects. Walking into a misting cloud is pointless. You will never get the full effect of your fragrance and your watching your money sprinkle all over the floor. 

4. Moisturize your skin (and hair)

After stepping out of the shower, you use moisturizer on your face, neck and arms, right? Assuming it’s fragrance-free, spray your perfume on before getting dressed. Not only does this keep a longer aroma, it helps your skin stay moisturized – double win! Perfume manufacturers know this, which is why they make creams and lotions using the same scents. If you will be traveling or stuck in meetings with clients all day, no fear. Invest in eau de parfum, which lasts longer for a more potent formula. Keep in mind, this is the only time the extra money is worth more than the name on the bottle.

5. Rubbing your wrists

We are all guilty of this – spraying your favorite essence on your wrists then rubbing them together. As explained earlier, perfume is activated by heat, but rubbing your wrists not only creates unnecessary heat, it also adds enzymes (natural body odor) which change the course of the scent. The heat caused by friction breaks down the notes, which build on one another over time. The top and heart (middle) notes become altered changing the overall base or bottom from unfolding. Instead, after spraying both wrists, let the liquid sink in through air drying and place the bottle back down. Do nothing else. 

6. Small Packages

We love them based on scents, bottle designs or even limited editions. However, perfume should be consumed quicker than most believe. Just the way you need oxygen to breathe for survival, it’s perfumes worst enemy. By breaking down the perfume molecules on a microscopic level, this modifies the overall composition and in time, ‘kills’ those lovely notes behind the reason you purchased it in the first place. If your Perfumes 4U carries bottles that are lucky to have a screw cap or stopper, decant or pour the liquid into small vials then preserve your favorite brands by storing them in the fridge.

By Sarah Finley

About the Author: Sarah Finley is a conceptual copywriter and content creator from Miami, Florida. For the last five years, she’s taken the role as a single mom, teacher, and freelancer while going back to school to focus on Media & Public Relations.


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