Two of our newest, most popular French perfumes that have been recently introduced to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are Claude Marsal and Gerard Monet. Both have launched genuine Eau de Parfums made of the highest quality fragrance notes while consisting of among the industry-best 24% fragrance oils. Let me tell you about each.

Taken from the Claude Marsal website:

“Claude Marsal combined exquisite, elegant, intricate, and aromatic scents to create an allure that is impossible to resist. Enjoy the luxurious, unexpected, and indulgent fragrances that will make you evoke all the senses with confidence and sensuality.”

Some of my current favorite scents for women and men are these:

  • La Melodie is a much more youthful, bolder sweet and fruity scent. Vanilla, tonka bean, and patchouli deliver a warm, powdery fragrance that will be perfect for that confident, yet a playful woman.
  • Le Batteur is translated as “The Drummer” as part of Claude Marsal’s music-inspired names. This scent is soft and sensual. Its main note is Arabian jasmine which is very calming and speaks to the femininity of a woman. A beautiful fragrance that can be worn every day in any season.
  • An amazingly fresh fragrance that I have recently appreciated more is Le Violon for men. Its aromatics are smooth, clean, and vibrant while maintaining its masculinity through notes of wood and citrus. This a great daytime scent that really will last all of your workdays. Perfect for any season, but particularly inspiring in the warmth of summer.
  • Le Concerto for men is just that one fragrance you have to add to your collection. A warm, spicy scent that derives your emotional high from notes of cinnamon and leather accords. It can be worn at the office or for that date night next Saturday.

Gerard Monet’s website offers this simple story:

“Happy and colorful, yet glamorous and fashionable at the same time, Gerard Monet Parfums are contemporary, passionate, and versatile.

Gerard Monet Pour Homme and Gerard Monet Pour Femme create an alluring and playful duo. He is courageous and authentic; she is energetic and upbeat. Men and women are merged and create the best of both worlds.”

May I suggest these women’s and men’s fragrances from Gerard Monet:

  • La Vague is a terrific combination of floral and fruit. The heart note is violet which gives it a flirty attraction while the raspberry and pear notes come off as fun and lively. A significant change of pace scent that will inspire a how a new day can bring a new beginning.
  • La Brise, or “The Breeze” is a fragrance that is just that: light, fresh, and breezy. Think of having summer all around you all year. It’s graceful, but not formal. It’s simple, yet sophisticated.

One fragrance I already commented in the February 15th blog (and I’m still approving of) is

  • La Brise for men. Just like the ladies version, launched in 2017, this newer scent speaks of light, summer breeze that’s fresh and fun. Instantly appreciated by a broad array of men… youthful as well as wiser alike.
  • La Pluie just hit some markets in 2018, so this may be the very newest of each of the mentioned fragrances. Oakmoss, leather, wood and whiskey accords compose a masculine fragrance that is rich but grounded. Here, a man will be willing to take a risk, but calculated in doing so. The reward is catching and keeping her attention!

So, remember these are not just colognes or perfumes, but high quality, oil-based Eau de Parfums for both her and him. (Confused? Read the last blog from February 26th.)

These are just a sampling but Claude Marsal has ten different scents for women and nine different scents for men, and Gerard Monet has six each. They are marketed as affordable luxury, but each the scent is worth more than the offered price. These are available nationwide and online.

We would love for you to discover these fragrances in-person at a Perfumes 4U location nearby. It would be our privilege to introduce you to such perfumers as Claude Marsal and Gerard Monet. We have passionate, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service that awaits you!


By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant


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