Finding that guy who you want to share your life with can be a complicated task. The attraction is the easy part. You approve of his height and weight. You adore his smile. He’s fun and funny and a great conversationalist. He has a thriving career. The vehicle he drives is impressive. His home is functional.

The more challenging of your criteria is his style. You have a particular image of the man he should be. He needs to be a heart-throb to your friends, successful to your business associates, and a catch to your family. You don’t want to change him, but let’s just say you may need him to…update.

Valentine’s Day may be the perfect time for you to do just that. Have him leave those old jeans back in the last decade and get the latest fit, or encourage that bachelor pad to get a little color, or have him ditch the old duffle bag for the newest briefcase.

How about him getting the latest scent…a newer, fresher, more intriguing cologne that will inspire him to do that updating? In the process, he will be inspiring you to be that affectionate, cuddling, and playful partner that he loves. So, a gift for him is really a gift for you!

A few of the most popular recent men’s colognes are these:

Acqua di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani: A spinoff of the iconic Acqua di Gio (introduced in 1996), this newer scent was introduced in 2015. It has the classic aquatic freshness, but incorporates incense to deliver a woody base note. The depth of this fragrance is pleasantly unique. An Eau de Parfum that is much better for fall and winter, or cool summer night.

La Melodie by Claude Marsal: Accords of leather and whiskey compose this amazingly smooth scent…like a good drink. The aromatics allow this fragrance to be worn year-round, and the warm spicy notes allow it to keep its sillage. Launched in 2017, this is a highest-quality Eau de Parfum of 24% fragrance oil. He will be confident with this on him, and you will melt in his arms!

Dylan Blue Pour Homme by Versace: This romantic fragrance has an aquatic base with strikingly noticeable black pepper and incense top notes. Picture a nightly, oceanic breeze where you will want him to keep you warm. An Eau de Toilette that is fragrance-based.

La Brise by Gerard Monet: Launched in 2017, this newer Eau de Parfum is the opposite of Dylan Blue. This fragrance speaks of light, summer breeze that’s fresh and fun. The quality is instantly appreciated as it is marketed as affordable luxury.

Extreme Pour Homme by Puccini: Cedarwood, bergamot, and vetiver are mixed with black pepper to create a genuinely appealing scent. Perfect for a distinguished gentleman to wear while in the conference room or enjoy the hot spot in the city. He’ll get noticed, and you’ll be there claiming your territory while at his side. An Eau de Parfum of substantial quality.

So, you’re updating him. That’s fine. It’s not like you are trying to change him or mold him. You just want him to be in with the times, and in return, he will be sexy, confident, and stylish for you.

By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant


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