For much of the country, Mother Nature continues to give us her tears this April. (Although, many states are still experiencing Mr. Frost’s influence.) With all of that precipitation, we are in store for some bountiful, blossoming flowers ahead.

Those flowers will have a direct impact on our spring days. Daffodils in the garden, Tulips in the flower boxes, a tabletop arrangement of Peonies, or the classic Roses as the bride’s bouquet. Each has an uplifting view and provide a pleasant scent.

Fragrances are also heavily inspired by spring flowers. The fresh, light and clean scents encourage us to enjoy a warmer attitude and a kinder perspective on our daily lives. Gone is our troubling struggle to get through the challenges of winter.

Ladies indulge in a few of these feminine floral scents:

Jasmine in Good Girl by Carolina Herrera (Spain); in a black and gold stiletto-shaped bottle

  • A soft and sensual fragrance that is the essence of femininity

Magnolia in Fuschia Diamond by Geparly’s (France); in a translucent fuschia bottle

  • A sweet, but soft, scent that is youthful and invigorating

Rose in My Burberry Blush by Burberry (of London, but made in France); in a square glass bottle with a soft rose pink ribbon

  • A classy and elegant fragrance for the workplace or that special event
Gentleman, embrace masculine inspired floral-based scents:
Iris in Dior Eau for Men by Christian Dior (France); in a sharp and sleek transparently blue bottle
  • Refined and modern are expressed in this fresh scent

Violet in Noir Diamond by Geparly’s (France); in a seductive and mysterious black bottle

  • One personally-owned; the violet freshness balances perfectly with wood and musk

Geranium in Eros by Versace (Italy); in the Mediterranean and mythological turquoise blue and gold bottle

  • Popularly known as fresh, but intertwined with oriental notes

Depending on the climatic location, some and/or each of these spring flowers are in bloom right now, but all will be ready come May, of course. Not a green thumb? No problem, you can see and enjoy these too. Three places I have personally been to have been the Chicago Botanical Garden in suburban Glencoe, IL; Boerner Botanical Gardens in (suburban-Milwaukee) Hales Corners, WI; and the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri. So if you live near, or are traveling near, Chicago, Milwaukee, or St. Louis, may I suggest visiting these gems. They provide a calm, tranquil, and educational environment that also offers a place to be peaceful and reflective.

As inconvenient as the April ran may be, it’s purpose to fuel our May flowers does have its reward. And with that comes our lighter, fresher, yet floral spring scents of fragrance.
So experience these fragrances and many more at a Perfumes 4U location near you. Come out of the rain and indoors to find your classic or even a new scent…maybe, just maybe, it’s floral-based.

By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant


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