As the tree leaves are transitioning from a crisp green to a bright yellow-red-orange coloration, we know the circle of life is beginning to adjust to colder temperatures. Those temperatures will influence our lives in many ways. Daylight savings ended on November 4th this year. Mums will replace planted flowers such as marigolds. Short-sleeved shirts are stored, and long-sleeved fleece is unpacked. Sandals are boxed back up, and boots are once again worn. Also, frozen coffees are no longer ordered, and PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes!) are enjoyed. No longer will the kids go to soccer games, but instead beg us to take them to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Then, Fall is here!

If I may for a moment, while speaking of apple orchards, for those of you living or visiting northern Illinois, you must take a weekend afternoon trip to Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois. It is about an hour and a half from Chicago in a quiet, rural part of the modestly populated village. Edwards is known for the apple picking, wagon rides, petting zoo, pony rides, unique barn store, and their food. They serve fresh, hot out of the oven apple cider donuts that are amazing! Also, there is nothing better than having a piece of warm apple pie a la mode with a cup of hot apple cider on a chilly day! Check them out Edwards Apple Orchard 

As for our perfumes and colognes, fall represents a time to transition from the citrus, fruit, and fresh floral scents to oriental, woody, and spicy fragrances. Also, Fall is the seasonal period where heavier, more complex fragrances are desired. Think of sandalwood, leather, vanilla, incense, and musks.

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Ladies…enjoy these seasonally appropriate perfumes:

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As for the gentlemen, may I suggest:

Now bring on fall with a positive attitude. For many, it’s the favorite time of year. It’s colder than those hot, humid summer days but warmer than the bone-chilling winter season. Good food, time well spent with family, PSLs, and did I mention great perfumes and colognes!

For any of these listed above or another classic, new release, or niche fragrance, come to a Perfumes 4U!

It would be our pleasure to help you navigate through the impressive in-stock inventory and get seasonally adjusted. Sorry, no PSLs served, but I’m sure there’s a coffee house not far away!

By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant


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