Christmas is right around the corner, officially making it the most wonderful time of the year!

The city streets are lit and decorated, loved ones are getting together, and gifts are bought with careful consideration. Think back on the memories made on Christmas Day. Lounging in the living room with family, opening gifts, admiring the beautiful adornments upon the Christmas tree, and last but not least, the Christmas feast.

When one reflects upon these times, they are filled with a sense of warmth and love. After all, it’s what Christmas is all about.

The scent is a big patron in these times; thus, it’s important to adorn yourself in a lovely aroma so as to better cement these memories in love and warmth.

The spirit of the holidays is enough to make anyone happy, and what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to smell the part?

Don’t limit yourself to simply the wonderful aromas of baking cookies, decorating the Christmas pine, or lighting spice candles – carry these fragrances everywhere you go!

Both men and women may enjoy the spirit of the holidays packaged conveniently in a special perfume bottle.

Here’s a list of the top perfumes to wear to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Men Perfumes for the Christmas Spirit!

The Best Perfumes to Get You in the Christmas Spirit! Men Perfumes

Burberry London 

The epitome of Christmas in a bottle, Burberry London has a unique, spicy scent that most people find reminiscent of that of a Christmas tree!

Spray some on when baking sweets with loved ones.

  • Opens with a smooth tone of lavender and cinnamon, leading to a dry down of leather, tobacco, oakmoss, and guaiac wood.

Gérard Monet “La Pluie” 

Fresh, citrus, and spicy, “La Pluie” from the Gérard Monet collection is a lovely parfum perfect for the holiday season.

Not only do the notes invoke thoughts of holiday spice and warmth, but the fragrance lasts much longer as it is 24% oil!

  • A burst of mandarin orange and grapefruit lead to an elegant jasmine, finally drying to a lovely concoction of ambergris, oakmoss, and patchouli.

Pi Givenchy

One of the most successful oriental fragrances for men, Pi by Givenchy is an incredible blend of vanilla, almond, tonka bean, and mandarin orange.

Many other less prominent notes come together to form a caramel and powder tone exquisitely projected from the skin.

  • Mandarin orange and neroli quickly break away to give life to a mix of vanilla and almond. After some time, check your wrists to notice a base essence of tonka bean and cedar.

Women Perfumes for the Christmas Spirit!

The Best Perfumes to Get You in the Christmas Spirit! Women Perfumes

Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

This perfume will make any woman want to dance to Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby” while dressed in glamour!

Feel like a chic starlet this Christmas by immersing yourself in a powdery concoction made for the elegant and indulgent woman.

  • An opening of clementine and almond blossom set the scene for an oriental immerse composed of amber, vanilla, benzoin, and a touch of musk.

L’Univers by Gérard Monet

Fruity, sweet, and floral, “L’Univers” by Gérard Monet brings an inviting and feminine touch to the holiday season.

A blend of contrasting notes such as coffee and pear, as well as pink pepper and vanilla, create an enticing aroma for the intricate woman.

The 24% oil base allows you to get lost in the holiday spirit, without worrying about the need to reapply.

  • Top notes consist of pear, orange blossom, and pink pepper, transforming into a warm blend of coffee, vanilla, jasmine, and cashmere wood.

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

An irresistible blend of almond, vanilla, and fruit, “Hypnotic Poison” from the legendary House of Dior calms your senses, enticing you to melt into the warmth of the fragrance.

This hypnotic brew is sure to enchant loved ones around you for the holiday season, making the memories even sweeter in hindsight.

  • Plum, apricot, and coconut command attention as the opening notes to the perfume, while the prominent base of vanilla, sandalwood, and almond leave a trail many wishes to follow!

Christmas is so much more than getting gifts and listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on repeat. It’s about creating long lasting memories with loved ones that you will always cherish.

Stop by your nearest Perfumes 4U to help find the right perfume this holiday season!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Perfumes 4U family, to yours!

By Aleksa Pivcevic

Aleksa Pivcevic is a committed full-time sales associate at Perfumes4U in the Tanger Outlets National Harbor. He is a perfume whiz and fanatic.


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