For the last several weeks, my primary objective was to educate and inspire you about the largely uninformed world of fragrances. I have recommended ways to love your perfume/cologne, suggested new trends, and described quality differences. Maybe you are now willing to try new scents, or perhaps you are convinced your guy just needs some updating. However, you have felt; hopefully, you are becoming as passionate as I am!

I thought of a fun topic to bring the previous blogs’ content full circle. No, it’s not a mid-term exam—no one likes those. But now, that you are a student of the game, in fragrances, how about a quick test to see how much you have learned?

Let’s find out! It’s Fragrance 101: Test your knowledge.

  1. A chef creates an entrée. A master perfumer creates a _________ creation.
  2. An Eau de ______ typically contains 15 – 20% fragrance oils and lasts up to 8 hours, whereas an Eau de Toilette is a water-based fragrance containing just 7-15% fragrance oils that last only half as long.
  3. Citrus and fruity fragrances are great for the _____ season, and oriental and woody fragrances are best suited for the fall and ______ seasons.
  4. Our soaps, moisturizers, deodorants, toothpaste, cleaning wipes, and detergents are all _______…with some form of perfume.
  5. Just as flowers and candy can be _____, so too is one of the eight fragrance families of perfume.
  6. Two highest-quality affordable luxury brands with several launches in 2017 that are made in France consisting of 24% fragrance oil are ______ Marsal and ______ Monet.
  7. An ever-increasing trend of ________ fragrances is mixing a favorite scent along with a new one to create your own unique style.
  8. Some popular designers are Giorgio ______, Dolce & _______, and Christian ____.
  9. Buying him a new cologne is a gift for him, but really a gift for ___.
  10. The best place to come for friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate customer service is ________ 4U!

So, how did you score?

0-5 correct: How could you? Reread the blogs, please. This is “open-book.” LOL!

6-9 correct: You’re on your way to becoming a fragrance connoisseur.

All 10 correct: You are at an expert level! Do you have any extra time where you would love to share your knowledge and make extra money doing it?

The correct answers are:
(1.) fragrance; (2.) Parfum; (3.) summer, winter; (4.) scented; (5.) sweet; (6.) Claude, Gerard;(7.) blending; (8.) Armani, Gabbana, Dior; (9.) you; (10.) Perfumes.

By Eric Lundeen

Eric Lundeen is the store manager at Perfumes 4U store located at St. Louis Premium Outlets. He is an expert fragrance consultant



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