Fragrance History

Fragrances 100 Years From Now

When looking ahead, many times one has to look back. Evaluating the past by learning the successes and failures can lead to future accomplishments or regrettably missed opportunities. History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it does offer similar societal occurrences. Projecting the future of fragrances – perfumes and colognes, home Read more…

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Luxury Brands

Spring Up!

The season of Spring has come upon us! Now that we have adjusted our time ahead, we are encouraged by more daylight, budding trees, blooming flowers, hibernating animals that have awakened, warmer sunlight, and a fresh feeling of a new beginning. Psychologically, it’s a time that we may reflect on Read more…

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Fragrance 101: Test

For the last several weeks, my primary objective was to educate and inspire you about the largely uninformed world of fragrances. I have recommended ways to love your perfume/cologne, suggested new trends, and described quality differences. Maybe you are now willing to try new scents, or perhaps you are convinced Read more…

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Body Chemistry

“Oh…I Never Knew That”

In the general sense, most people think of women’s fragrances as perfumes, and men’s fragrances are colognes. While that may be true, that’s most likely not the case. Both women’s and men’s fragrances have distinct classifications that determine specific quality differences. In our January 8th blog, I had subtly recommended Read more…

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Base Notes

Fragrance is Like Food

In our first blog, we encouraged ways to love your fragrance and love it longer. This week, we’ll focus on WHY you love it. What captures your nose and what is repugnant? What draws your interest and what makes you run? So, how is it that fragrance is like food? Read more…

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